How important are reviews for your local Google ranking?

Google reviews are created by people with Google+ accounts. These reviews have much more impact in search rankings than Yelp or other local search sites. Quality and quantity of reviews are the most important factors that affect Google ranking. This conclusion came from an extensive study by Digital Marketing Works (DMW). The key for marketers is the more quality reviews you can get, the better chance of a high Google ranking. Another ranking variable is distance and travel time, but market size does not seem to make a difference. 

Importance of Reviews

A key finding of the study was a correlation between Carousel rank and Google review ratings. Google introduced "Local Carousel" in June 2013, which helps local businesses get more exposure on local searches. The carousel is a reel of small thumbnails at the top of the search results. Thumbnails link to pages relating to search queries. Sometimes the thumbnails can link to Google reviews, which means perception about your business can be influenced by others online. 
Reviews help define your image for consumers who use them for their research, since reading reviews can help speed up decisions about purchases. Businesses that get the most high quality reviews tend to get high Google ranking. So it's advantageous to optimize your profile for Google reviews, since this content creates extra clicks for your business. Reviews on other sites such as Yahoo have less impact on Google ranking. 

Controlling Content

Lengthy reviews have greater impact on Google ranking than short reviews. Well written reviews can be the best promotion because they are treated as endorsements. But bad reviews can be damaging. That's why you want to make sure that your site gets higher ranking than web pages with bad reviews about your business. You can gain an edge over sites with competing keywords by creating as much authoritative content as possible. 
It's not clear how Google decides which thumbnails to display on search results pages. But one way to get an edge is to create more local content pages than your competitors. Google favors sites that offer a lot of original useful content. Such sites are considered to have authority and can get high search rankings. Using Google+ to develop an Authorship profile helps gain credibility with the search engine. It allows you to control your thumbnail image and the information about your business when it shows up in search results.

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Why should you use Tumblr?

Tumblr, which is owned by Yahoo! Inc., is a popular blogging platform. It's advantageous to use due to its ability to appear high in search rankings. Blogs that attract large followings tend to be favored by search engines if the content is original and useful. The site is the home of over 160 million blogs. These short blogs can be integrated with multimedia and other modern technology.


Success Story

The February 2007 launch of Tumblr was a big success, as it quickly gained several thousand users its first few weeks. Yahoo acquired Tumblr in 2013. The platform lets users sign up for free and choose blogs to follow. You can find blogs to follow by typing in keywords in the search tool. Out of the millions of blogs, there is bound to be something for everyone.
Tumblr is similar to Facebook in its presentation, except that it lets you weed out mediocre content quickly. A typical post includes a colorful high resolution photo and a short paragraph that sums up the news. It's a useful way for businesses, especially publications and entertainers, to promote themselves and it's an easy way to build an online following. The key that makes this site successful is that it facilitates shared interests in a seamless way. 

Building a Following 

Tumblr lets you have a professional online presence by creating your own blog that allows you to upload photos, links, audio and video. It's an easy free way to start a web presence and begin attracting followers. You can create multiple blogs that each have their own unique themes. The platform archives your blogs, which you can edit at anytime. It also includes chat, which can help you engage with followers in real time. 
The key to becoming recognized in this online community is to post compelling content. It can be news, a product review or even your own media events such as video interviews or audio programs. In other words, if you want to create your own video series, it's useful because it combines technology and promotion into one platform so that the blogger can focus on creating quality content.

SEO Advantages

The more original and valuable information you can provide in your blogs, the more likely you will gain notoriety in the blogosphere. Search engines favor blogs if they convey authority and attract a following. Blogs can dominate search results for niche keywords.
On the other hand if you create a Tumblr page and update it with links to your blogs on your main website, not only you will be gaining a link to your site, but you may also come up on the first page of google with your Tumblr page with related keywords, taking another space from your competitors. Tumblr is highly indexed and ranked so it is an easy way to get more exposure on google at the same time you help your main website with links and referred traffic.

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Happy Holidays!

 Happy Holidays!

To our customers and friends-  Happy Holiday's from Nextiny Marketing! We appreciate your business and look forward to a great 2014!

How Hummingbird is Affecting Local SEO

Usually the more Google improves its algorithms, the harder website owners have to work at getting the best rankings. Hummingbird is Google's latest update in August 2013, as it tries to make search more intuitive and refined based on query context instead of just keywords. Google is trying to make its search tool more reflective of actual user intentions as opposed to its classic ball park approach to matching keywords with wide meanings to a wide set of results. Hummingbird attempts to deliver more accurate results faster. This means that SEO must become further refined.

How FAQs Help SEO

If your website contains a frequently asked questions section with answers, then you are helping Google find answers to questions that users are asking. Adding such pages to your website is an effective SEO strategy that will likely help your search rankings for those questions. Hummingbird is designed to answer questions more directly and FAQ pages become the brain food that the algorithm is looking for. At some point Hummingbird may decide to prioritize your FAQ pages to users asking those questions in your local area. That's why it's still important to use your location as a keyword in your web pages. 

Create Fresh Content Content creation seo sarasota

The best way to get better rankings regardless of what Google does, is to keep writing fresh content for your website. It helps build authority with Google for unique content and it lets its robots know that your site is constantly expanding. The key is to make sure the content is useful and that SEO techniques are more about content than trying to get higher rankings. Hummingbird feeds on new information, especially the kind that answers questions that no other websites can answer. Sometimes these answers can even come from user comments reviewing your content.

How Hummingbird Affects Keywords

Google Analytics dumped keyword data in 2013 as SEO experts complained that its core resource was disappearing. It's more proof that Google is putting less faith in keywords and more emphasis on what users are actually looking for or "entity search." Hummingbird uses structured content to have a better grasp what a user is asking based on user history. Hummingbird views entities as objects, properties and relationships and tries to answer questions more with location-based entities than keywords. Layers of personalization will increase with Hummingbird, in which SEO challenges will deal with appropriate content, links and location. 

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How "cheap" Search Engine Optimization can ruin your ranking forever

Black hat vs. White hat SEO

Search engine optimization has become a huge focus in web development to the point where most web owners know they need it, but not everyone knows the consequences of cutting corners. If you want to be in the game you have to avoid cheap solutions because there are plenty of web marketing companies that want to sell cheap SEO packages. The problem with cheap marketers is that many of them are promising big results that may never come true and in the process, wreck your search rankings.

Black hat SEO

The best way to handle search engine optimization is to already know the basics yourself and then find people who can carry out your strategy. New companies that haven't even learned the basics of SEO and don't know the difference between black hat and white hat practices can get your site banned from indexes. They don't realize that many of their black hat ideas are outdated and get sites penalized, such as buying links, spamming keywords or creating weak content. Google knows what type of content is in demand and it's getting harder and harder to fool their robots with fluff.In order to win the search engine optimization game you have to do it honestly and avoid black hat techniques. Every page of content needs to be constructed as a useful resource to the target reader. There is no room for trying to get high search rankings for pages that don't deserve attention. It's more productive just to build your site with original valuable content. If you hire people to write high quality blogs or articles for you, be sure they are conveying a message that corresponds with your company's goals . Google wants to reference its users to blogs and articles that are worth reading, not a page that some "SEO guy" has stuffed full of keywords and link-spammed to kingdom come.

Even though Google keeps updating its algorithm of a few hundred factors for determining search rankings, the changes keep moving in the same direction, which is that quality content sites are rewarded while thin weak content sites are pushed down the list. Search engine optimization is not an exact science, but it is becoming part of the art of content development. As long as you have the reader in mind and create vast amounts of content that can't be found on other websites, you are moving in the right direction for search engine optimization. 

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How important is it to have a mobile friendly and responsive website?

Responsive web design sarasota

Internet access through mobile devices is growing fast. According to statistics from comScore, the numbers of US users who visit websites via mobile devices has increased to more than 58%. As a result, mobile website design is necessary to reach customers using mobile devices. These sites are made to be responsive.

Responsive website design refers to a website’s ability to scale to the size of the display device used to view it. This leads to good user experience since the user will not have to scroll up and down to view the content.

Online User Intent

When online, users on different platforms have different intents. While you can impress visitors viewing your website on desktops with great slide-shows and graphics, this cannot be done for users on mobile devices. PC users have the time explore your site but may not be interested purchasing at that time. On the other hand, mobile device users are most likely interested in buying immediately and/or finding the location of the store as opposed to viewing your photo gallery.

Improved User Experience

A mobile website is designed putting into consideration the limited processing capability of a mobile device. The website is a lighter version of the traditional website viewed on a PC, loads faster and uses web technologies compatible with mobile devices. The sites do not have heavy graphics nor use scripting languages that cannot be easily interpreted by mobile devices browsers. Responsive web design (RWD) makes sure the site is effectively works on the device a user is accessing it from. Related to RWD is Audience and Device Aware (ADA) concept, which delivers websites on mobile and smaller screen devices by primarily focusing on the elements that impact the performance and usability of a site. These two technologies enable website images and text to be resized to fit the device a person is using.

Social Media Sharing

Social media cannot be ignored in today’s Internet business. It is important for businesses to have responsive websites to make their content shareable on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Sharing your content on social media can enhance your brand, drive traffic to your website and generate more sales. To achieve this, you need a responsive website that will offer visitors a good experience.

Responsive website design is the future. With more people accessing the Internet through smartphones, you need a responsive website to enable easy access.

Need help with creating a Responsive Website Design?


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On-site and Off-site SEO tips for your website

SEO is at the top of every content developer's mind now as everyone scrambles to make page one rankings. But what many web authors forget is that the goal is to create long lasting content that will rank high over a long period. The combination of unique evergreen content and consistent SEO techniques that seem poised for longevity is what makes strong useful content these days. The following are tips for people trying to figure out the constantly shifting SEO puzzle. 

On-site SEO

The definition of on-site SEO is any technique that helps optimize your website that you can control physically and virtually. One of the main factors in this realm is keyword selection. In order to choose the right keywords for your website you should make a list of what your website is about and compare it with a list of the associated keywords that have not been exploited in search engines yet. Latching onto popular keywords can get you lost in the shuffle of millions of other sites, but mixing in unique words that create niche phrases can be very powerful. 

Other on-site SEO techniques that can help your search rankings involve how you administer HTML on your pages. Using appropriate "alt tags" for photos and infographics helps Google's crawlers index your images. Keep in mind that the keywords in the alt tags should differ from the keywords in the title and the phrases should be short. Heading tags (H1, H2, etc.) can be used to help the search engines understand how your content is structured. Meta tags are still used in SEO although they have lost importance in recent years.

Off-site SEO

The other side of optimization is off-site SEO, which includes the elements that affect search rankings that you can only indirectly control. Examples include what people say about your site on social media and whether or not they +1 your content on Google+. Establishing yourself as an influencer either with your own blog or being a guest blogger on other sites can bring you additional +1s that help your search rank.

Optimizing your site for mobile devices using responsive design is another technique that indirectly improves your rankings as well because it taps into the growing audience that uses smartphones more than desktops. Mixing on-site and off-site techniques ensures that your site will have an edge over competitors who still haven't learned what SEO means. 


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Does owning multiple domains that all direct to my website help my Google ranking?

SEO-domainsWe get this question a lot from our clients and although this was a good strategy 5 year ago, Google is now penalizing websites for doing this. :(

The keyword game:

Rankings in search engines used to be heavily influenced by keywords inside the domain name, and this created a frantic mindset to buy domains with keywords in them. While it is still a minor influence, it is nothing like it used to be.

On the other hand if the domains are brand new and they've never resolved to a site before, then there won't be any kind of impact for SEO.

Duplicate content?

The main problem is that Google hates duplicate content, so if you have several addresses that point to the same content, Google will see that more than one website has the same content and they will devalue the ranking on all the sites that copied it. The only way to make those other domain names come up on the first page of Google would be to promote each one of them like you do with your website.

What about Landing Pages?

The only time I would recommend using multiple domains is if you have a lot of resources (time and money) to create LANDING PAGES outside of your website to drive traffic to your site. These landing pages would have to be separate sites with ONE function, to generate leads about a specific service and they have to be VERY specific about it. The only issue with this is that it is very time consuming: it takes too much time to create, update and promote these pages. This is a strategy that larger businesses use because they have the resources.

Some people will tell you this works, but that does not mean it will work for you and it definitely does not mean it is the right thing to do in Google's eyes, and that is what’s most important. We cannot trick Google, there is a limit and this strategy is on the other side of that limit.

Is Black Hat SEO so bad?

In the SEO world this is called BLACK HAT SEO. If you do Black Hat you can get FAST RESULTS but you have a higher probability to loose them all very fast too. This is what happened with the past 2 updates Google did to their algorithm (Panda and Penguin). A lot of websites lost their entire ranking because they were trying to trick Google with repeated content, multiple domains and inlinks from weird websites.


This is a video from the official Google's WEBMASTER Help Youtube channel about multiple domains:

To read more about this here are some articles that talk about multiple domain strategy:


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If you really want to help your SEO, Blog more and learn about the power of Google+ :)


Guest Post: Your Business Content is King

content-is-king-seoA special post from guest blogger :

It is important to share the story of your business, but what is the right content to share about your business? Journalists use the 5 W method (who, what, when, where, why) to write articles. The 5W method will help you identify meaningful content to share about your business. Even if your business is small, your business story is unique and powerful. If you are willing to take the time to build a solid body of content that tells your story, then that content will become the king of your business message. Consistently sharing solid content is a very effective marketing tool.

First, let’s look quickly at how the 5W method will help you describe your business. Who is the founder of your company? What are your products? When was it founded? Where are you located? Why are you in business? These are simple questions to answer, but the next step is where meaningful content is created.

The Who might be the third generation family member, or perhaps the Who is the inventor who stumbled upon the technology while walking in woods. What is interesting and unique about the Who?

What is distinctive and exceptional about your products? Are they made from recycled sugar cane fiber? Are they the most durable? Do they utilize designs by a local artist? When did your business start at this location and when and what is your next event (sale, charity event, grand opening)?

Where your business is located is in a neighborhood and also in a larger community .what are key features of that area? Why was this location chosen? How does your business relate to the community?

Why are you in business? This is where you explain your corporate approach to your business products, practices and philosophy. What are your ethical parameters? What matters inside your business operations and how do you treat your customers?

Built on a foundation of meaningful content, your unique business messaging will be clear and powerful.


Guest Post: What do you know about integrity?


A special post from guest blogger :

Integrity? You mean Honesty? Actually, if integrity meant only speaking the truth then there would not be so many efforts to ensure integrity. Look at the fine print in any contract requiring the customer’s integrity to meet warranty requirements. Consider the numerous educational efforts including: multiple corporate integrity books, self-improvement courses, business seminars, endless church sermons, and even member support groups like Weight Watchers.

Integrity provides strength and internal stillness. Conversely, anything that is not based on integrity is guaranteed to ultimately fail. The way you model integrity is the way your children will treat integrity. Businesses that operate in integrity are often the most successful. Here is how integrity shows up in the everyday world.

Integrity means delivering an exceptionally perfect product. NOT: “This is good enough, no need to work any longer.”

Integrity means showing up on time. NOT: “I’m not important enough for anyone to care when I show up;” or “I’m so important that they won’t start the meeting without me.”

Integrity means keeping both spoken and unspoken promises in relationships. NOT: “That software developer won’t know that I borrowed this year’s update from you; I really need to save the money.”

Integrity means being true to yourself. NOT: “I have thirty minutes; I think I’ll make and eat that hot fudge sundae instead of going to the gym.”

Integrity means living in truth. NOT: “The cashier didn’t notice that I had the extra set of hinges in the shopping cart; it is not my fault that I wasn’t charged. “

Integrity means delivering on your word. NOT: “I know I told you that I’d call and tell you what I found out, but I forgot.”

Integrity means treating your employees and your customers the way you would like to be treated. And that says it all.

Happy 11th Birthday Nextiny Marketing!

Nextiny Marketing Birthday

Today is a special day here at the office, Happy 11th Birthday Nextiny Marketing! We would like to thank everyone who has been involved with Nextiny Marketing in the past 11 years. We wouldn't have made it this far without support of our friends, family and amazing clients! We are so excited for all of the new opportunities that this coming year brings and we can't wait for many more future birthdays!

Don't forget to join us at our next workshop: The Importance of Blogging! Click here for more information.

Why should I like my own Facebook post?

This question has been asked a million times!

There have been hundreds of articles written about it, and people are constantly asking us about it at our Facebook workshops.

So, why do WE think you should like your own Facebook post? Well... why not?!

facebook likes

Here are a few of our main arguments:

1) Liking your own Facebook posts will get the post to the newsfeed faster and it will stay there longer. This is exactly what you want! You want people to see your post and this increases the chance of making that happen.

2) People are more likely to like a Facebook post if someone else has already liked it. No one wants to be the first person attaching their name to a post in fear they may be the only one.

3) Facebook gives you the option to do it! If you have the option to like your own post, why wouldn't you?

And finally....

4) Appreciate your own work. People say it's pretentious to like your own post, but be proud of what you do. If you don't like your own things, then who's going to? Attaching your name to your post shows you're confident in your work.

So start liking, everyone! 



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EVERY business should be on Pinterest!

2013 Plugged-pin- 

Join us for our Pinterest Workshop

It's time to do some pinning!

By attending our workshop, you also receive a one-time free 45 minute business development coaching session with our certified coach to discuss your business plan on an individual basis.

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013
12-1:30 PM
Half Shell Oyster House (1991 Main St.)

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Think Pinterest is just for women? Think again.

Find out why your business needs to be on Pinterest and how to create and execute a successful Pinterest strategy.


Every 2 weeks we will feature a new Business Development topic while you enjoy a phenomenal lunch in the Half Shell Oyster House private meeting room. This is also a great NETWORKING opportunity.

PRICE $20 Includes Workshop, Lunch, Beverage and Gratuity. 

Seating is limited so please reserve your spot in advance.

Vegetarian option available.

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How to use custom tabs for your Facebook page


Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 12.11.30 PM


Tabs can be found on your business page on the right side next to your business description. These are by default things like Photos, Likes, Events and Maps  but can be easily manipulated to become direct links to external pages, other facebooks, events, contests and more! Follow these easy steps to set up your custom tabs:

1. Go to this link:

2. Click the green button "Install Page Tab"

3. In the dropdown choose which of your pages you want to add the tab and click add page tab

4. Then click "authorize the Tab application" 

5. Make sure you choose your "Page Source" (URL, Redirect, Image, or HTML), change the Tab Name and change the "Tab Image" (111px wide by 74px tall)

6. Click Save Settings at the bottom

7. Click "Grant Premission to Application"

8. Click "allow" and go back to your page to see your new tab!


Learn more about facebook changes at the Half Day Facebook Strategy Workshop. May 10 from 9am to 1pm - $59 (continental breakfast included). Register at


Convert internet marketing traffic into real customers!

2013 Plugged-call

Conversions & Call Tracking Workshop

By attending our workshop, you also receive a one-time free 45 minute business development coaching session with our certified coach to discuss your business plan on an individual basis.

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013
12-1:30 PM
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In this workshop you will learn how to make a more successful website which converts visitors into customers, be able to track conversions, do call tracking, etc.  We will focus on HOW TO CONVERT internet marketing traffic INTO REAL CUSTOMERS!!!

Every 2 weeks we will feature a new Business Development topic while you enjoy a phenomenal lunch in the Half Shell Oyster House private meeting room. This is also a great NETWORKING opportunity.

PRICE $20 Includes Workshop, Lunch, Beverage and Gratuity. 

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Facebook Workshop


2013 Plugged-face


Facebook Workshop

By attending our workshop, you also receive a one-time free 45 minute business development coaching session with our certified coach to discuss your business plan on an individual basis.

Wednesday, April 4th, 2013
12-1:30 PM
Half Shell Oyster House (1991 Main St.)

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Buy any 5 workshops and get 20% OFF! 

There are so many different ways businesses can use Facebook. Join us and learn everything from how to create engaging posts to getting people to follow your page and click through to your website.

Every 2 weeks we will feature a new Business Development topic while you enjoy a phenomenal lunch in the Half Shell Oyster House private meeting room. This is also a great NETWORKING opportunity.

PRICE $20 Includes Workshop, Lunch, Beverage and Gratuity. 

Seating is limited so please reserve your spot in advance.

Vegetarian option available.

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Pinterest Introduces New Analytics Tool


Pinterest recently introduced a new analytics tool to allow a website owner to track things like the number of people pinning from their site, how many people see these pins or the number of people who have visited your site from Pinterest.

Read more here or read the official announcement from Pinterest here with steps on how you can get started.

To learn more about how to successfully use Pinterest for your business join Nextiny Marketing on May 1st for our Pinterest Workshop. Click here to register now!

Top Google Reader Alternative, Feedly

Looking for a news reader alternative to Google Reader?

Google recently announced its Google Reader is going to be expired on July 1, 2013. Before you panic, a similar, if not better, alternative is already available and gaining popularity: Feedly. It's available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox as well as mobile syncing for Android and iOS. It features a simple, sleek interface and will migrate all of your Google Reader information seemlessly. The site currenty has over 600,000 users, 500,000 of which are new users since the announcement of the end of Google Reader two days ago.

Make sure you switch to Feedly before Google Reader ends in order to ensure all your information is transitioned over seamlessly. Once downloading Feedly you are immedietly prompted to sync with your Google Reader account and in moments all your subscriptions and "starred" posts have been transfered over to Feedly. 

Feedly has the same core features as Google Reader with many preference options available and makes it easy to save and share content. Although the default "magazine" view is a visually pleasing way to scroll through your updates, you may want to consider switching to the "condensed" view in order to have a view similar to Google Reader. This shows a list view of titles which is more efficient when scanning through articles quickly. There are many different settings you can alter in order to create an experience similar to Google Reader. To get more tips for Google Reader users migrating to feedly click here.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 2.53.33 PM

Email Marketing Workshop

2013 Pluggedemail

Email Marketing Workshop

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
12-1:30 PM
Half Shell Oyster House (1991 Main St.)

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Buy any 5 workshops and get 20% OFF!

Email marketing still gives businesses the best return on their investment, yet most people are not using it properly! Join us for our workshop and learn strategies and tips to reinvent and revamp this commonly overlooked form of marketing.

Every 2 weeks we will feature a new Business Development topic while you enjoy a phenomenal lunch in the Half Shell Oyster House private meeting room. This is also a great NETWORKING opportunity.

PRICE $20 Includes Workshop, Lunch, Beverage and Gratuity. 

Seating is limited so please reserve your spot in advance.

Vegetarian option available.

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Website Design Florida

We have a team of experts servicing Florida that are ready to design your website! By using Joomla, we are able to create new, unique and easy to use websites that will make your company look like a million bucks. Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build websites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular website software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone. This allows us to build great websites in less time and at a great price.

We not only create eye catching website designs for Florida, but also help develop your company even farther by social media integration. We connect your Facebook, Twitter, etc. with your website and also push your content through to these sites. This creates a complete online presence  that many companies don't have. This brings you to the top of Google searches and gets your name out there to be seen!

Click here to see examples of the work we have done! What can we do for you?


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