Creative Intelligence "creates" Amazing Results

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"You were born an original.  Don't die a copy" - John Mason

We could say that being creative is just finding something different when everyone else sees the same old thing. It's like lighting a candle when it's dark.

Being creative does not necessarily mean to be an inventor or a celebrity, it has more to do with overcoming the most adverse situations with creativity.

It also means to have dreams, which is where real change comes from.


Time for being creative

Creativity is a skill that can be developed at any time by anybody. You can do it while performing even routine and simple activities, you just need to exercise it.

The mental process of creating is performed as follows:

The left hemisphere of your brain, sorts, classifies and analyzes the logical, casual and relational information 

The right hemisphere processes ideas when they are originated, feelings and intentions. Here is where new potential ideas are created. These potential ideas must be processed and organized by the left hemisphere; otherwise it will be only potential ideas.

Creative people can establish a relationship between idea and action, between knowledge and intuition, between the planned and the unexpected. Creative people make both hemispheres "talk" to each other.

Create Yourself

Being creative is not a talent, it is a skill that can be trained and developed.  This ability begins with your belief that you can be creative.  "I want to become CREATIVE" must be your attitude!   
Explore your Curiosity

There are many things or situations in your life that you do not pay attention to or bother to see. But when you look at these things or situations, or you stop to see them in depth, you allow the "attitude of curiosity" to  appear.  

Curiosity is a magic key that opens the doors of creativity. From each situation we can ask the questions, How?, Where?, Why?, What?, When? ...  Answering these questions and looking for more questions will lead us to the "Can we improve it?" question.  While curiosity remains, there is a possibility to learn, to investigate, to reach different answers that might open the possibility of different actions and therefore different results. 

Perseverance to Discover

How many times in your life do you find yourself making excuses to stop fighting for what you desire? Persistence is necessary and crucial when pursuing your dreams. 

A reporter asked Thomas Edison how he had overcome the frustration of having been through over nine hundred failures before inventing the light bulb. Edison replied that he had not failed even once, that he simply went through a process of nine hundred and one steps to invent the light bulb.

Make the Decision Today

The purpose of being creative is to find something that is in front of you, that you can not yet see.  It is having the courage to play, like when you were a child.  It is finding your dreams and pursuing them!

If you don't do it now ... then when?

Make the choice to be creative, to ask questions, to be persistent EVERY DAY and the path to your dreams will unfold beneath your feet.