Lets get Google Fiber in Sarasota - Vote Today!

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Google is looking for nominations from the community. Our city and county officials are working on the formal proposal to send to Google, but WE need to show community support too!

We encourage to do all this as soon as possible!!!! Let's get Google Fiber in Sarasota Florida!!!

Become a fan on facebook of the page: I want google fiber in sarasota (click here)

Go to the website to learn what's going on with the initiative:   http://www.googleisland.net/

Here's the Official Video from Google explaining the Google's experimental fiber network:

Here you have a video created to push this idea:


What is Google trying to do?
They are looking for optimal cities to deploy ultra-high speed networks. These networks would be over 100x faster than what we currently have available. They are gathering data from communities, and looking for community support before they choose the best locations.

How will they decide where to deploy?
Nobody knows but Google, but we believe it will be based on three major factors. 1) How much "dark" fiber is available for them to buy or lease 2) How easy it will be to work with local municipalities and 3) Community demand and support for the project.

How will is effect Sarasota?
Broadband is a major catalyst for economic growth. In today's digital world, bandwidth is the lifeline for many different industries including health care, technology businesses, creative industry and more. The applications that require ultra-broadband will drive businesses to setup offices in Sarasota, it will create jobs and improve our ability to compete in a digital economy.

Who is driving this effort?
Everyone is participating. The HuB is working with city and county leadership, business leaders, Ringling College of Art and Design, Mote Marine, and many other organizations. But the most important component is getting the community behind the initiative.

When will they decide?
The deadline for the application is March 26th. According to their website, they will make decisions by the end of the year. We need to push as hard as we can over the next month to show them that we want to make the short list!!

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