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We are Nextiny Marketing™, a HubSpot Diamond Solution Partner and inbound marketing agency fueled by strategy, software, video, and data analysis. We help you communicate your brand online to improve lead generation, create engagement through video, and increase customer acquisition. We give you the tools for success by creating a customized strategy, outlining a plan for implementation, and reporting on that plan so you can feel confident in the performance of your digital marketing.

Video & Podcast Series


Season 2 focus on passionate leaders and their innovative strategies to build amazing brands through Brand Affinity Marketing & episodic content.


Coffee Talks is our video series where we share our knowledge on marketing, sales, business, brand affinity, and everything in between. 


Times are changing and we want to help you embrace technology and remote video solutions to run your business with VIDEO. Check out NEXTudio!

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Accountable Strategies

We are data-driven marketers. We work together to grow your business based on the goals you have established. Using data, we will report on the progress we are making towards reaching these goals. Learn more about how we help businesses grow with inbound.

Creative Video Solutions

We are all about thinking outside the box and finding ways to work smarter. All solutions for your business will come from our well-defined processes, but will be tailored for you. There is no such thing as a one-size fits all marketing strategy. Learn more about how we use video series to build brand affinity.


You don't need just an agency, you need a strategic partner to help grow your business. We will work with your entire team to understand your challenges and your business goals, and develop a strategy to generate success for you. Learn more about our growth process.


Fueled By Video

When possible, we take a video-first approach. Whether you are local or not, we find ways to incorporate video into your marketing and sales strategy.

 Video is the fastest growing form of digital content. It is interactive, engaging, and more importantly, it is HUMAN. Adding video to your strategy is the best way to connect with your ideal customers to show them how you can meet their needs and what sets your company apart from your competitors.



Backed By Data

Digital marketing gives marketers a new-found sense of confidence in their strategy. Marketing transforms from a guessing game to a clearly identifiable path to success. 

Following an inbound approach, we are able to help businesses see which aspects of their digital strategy are making an impact on their business by generating more leads and closing the most customers. We can then make decisions as a team regarding where we should continue to focus our efforts and make adjustments to the strategy moving forward.




Read our reviews in the HubSpot Directory.
We have closed over $15 Mil in new business through the website documented in HubSpot in the first year of implementing inbound marketing with Nextiny. Our experience so far has been excellent on several fronts. We have seen a significant increase in our overall traffic and are converting a much higher percentage of those who view our site into prospects that actually visit our retirement center and they are using the website as an important element in their personal sales process. This conversion has steadily increased as we have introduced opportunities within the website to collect contact information. With HubSpot we are able to track our progress on a weekly and monthly basis & evaluate our most successful web strategies.
Frank Herold
Freedom Senior Management
We are beyond appreciative of Gabriel and his team, who are invaluable to us as they aid us in navigating HubSpot in an over-arching manner - uniting our sales (CRM) and (inbound) marketing efforts. From tactical initiatives to long-term strategy, they are supportive and knowledgeable, continually providing us with best practices and state-of-the-art solutions. Gabriel has also provided much-needed training to our teams to ensure everyone is on the same page... Nextiny is, without a doubt, an extension of our company... I would caution other Heads of Marketing against moving into the inbound methodology in a complete way without such a well-qualified partner.
Win Peniston
London Bay Homes
We are appreciative of having Gabriel and his team help us navigate HubSpot in a truly comprehensive way, uniting our sales and marketing efforts. Nextiny is a breath of fresh air, after having multiple partners who didn't implement HubSpot best practices. From everyday tactical initiatives to long-term strategy, they are supportive and knowledgeable. Gabriel has even provided much-needed training to our teams to ensure everyone is on the same page and is always quick to answer our questions. The team is always engaged and welcomes his teachings. It feels like they're truly an extension of our company and our brands.
Kathy Gulvas
The Founders Club

We've been working with Gabriel and his team at Nextiny just over a year now. In that time they helped us to actually double the direct sales for vacation rentals which is what our business is all about. In addition to that they have also helped our team become more aware in different strategies for marketing which is invaluable for us.

Sharon Harley
Jeeves Florida Rentals
would like to thank the hardworking team at Nextiny for constructing a beautifully designed and effective website for Duncan Seawall. Our business has flourished well beyond our expectations and continues to do so. The team at Nextiny expands and updates our site on a daily basis to keep it up to date with informative information to attract new clients. I would highly recommend Nextiny to anyone or company who would like to take their website to the next level to increase their marketing range and sales. Great job guys and happy to be working with you.
Scott Naubert
Duncan Seawall
As a medical office, we wanted to start a lead generating website and Nextiny is an expert. We receive an average of 8-10 emails a day from potential patients driven from our website. We are able to contact these patients right away to answer their questions and usually set up an appointment. Each week we receive a report with contacts and closing rate. Last week our closing rate was 65%. This is the only effective way to see your marketing dollars work for you. The newspapers, magazines are now dead. The Nextiny team is constantly bringing new items to market to current and potential patients. This is a complete digital advertising firm with fresh ideas. 
Vicki Alexander
Silverstein Institute
Int Test

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