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Content creation is crucial to your inbound marketing success.

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Content Creation & Marketing

Our writers, designers and certified inbound marketing specialists can help you to strategize and execute your content marketing plan. This process involves researching your buyer personas (ideal customers), developing a content strategy that will attract them to your website and converting them into leads. Furthermore, your content strategy will help you to close those leads into customers through constant education and lead nurturing.

Content shouldn’t be a bunch of keywords and fluff. We create remarkable material that not only conveys the pivotal traits that make your business distinct but we also tackle the tough topics in your industry that nobody wants to discuss. Through education, we show your ideal customer that you are the authority that they should trust.

Content comes in many forms:

Website content
Your website is the foundation of your marketing strategy and each page should be carefully crafted to provide a seamless user experience and ample education to guide prospects through the funnel.

Your blog is critical in attracting your ideal customers at every level of the buying process. You should be blogging with a purpose. Blogs are vital resources to getting people through the door and showing them the way.

Educational Offers
Your ideal customers will exchange their contact information for beneficial educational offers. These come in many forms such as guides, checklists, videos, surveys, self-assessment tools and more.

Email Nurturing
Targeted emails do not feel like spam. When your prospects obtain the information that they crave by email they not only read it, but they interact with it and come back for more. This keeps your leads educated and helps you and your sales team to close at higher rates.

Social Media Promotion
Social media marketing boosts your website and enables you to engage with your ideal customers. Your marketing strategy should focus on the precise social networks that your ideal audience spends time on.

The old marketing playbook is

old marketing playbook

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