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Running your Business with Video

More than ever before, video is a vital tool that can help drive your business. Aside from its countless remote benefits, video can serve as a solution for endless marketing, sales, communication, and creative needs. With the combination of the right equipment, software and guidance, you can start empowering your team with video today. Check out a breakdown of these solutions below to learn how you can start running your business with video.


Video camera being used to create video series to connect with remote audience.

Remote Solutions with Video


Soapbox by Wistia. At-Home Video Studio

The first step in feeling confident about your remote video endeavors is setting up the right location and tools to get you started. It all starts with finding the optimal space. From there, the next step is to get comfortable with your current equipment and software to get things started. 


Insight into creating and optimizing your at-home studio
guidance on lighting, framing, and more.

Recommended software to get you and your team excited about video
Soapbox by Wistia, Zoom, Quicktime

Back to basics
Using the tools at-hand to create effective videos for your business (iphones, webcams, lamps, etc.) or utilizing your more advanced camera equipment to fit these needs.

Learn how to set up your video studio at home.


The Personal

Coffee Talks Video Series. Personalizing your brand with video

Once we help you and your team find the video path that’s optimal for your processes, it’s time to get more detailed. Whether you have an established brand or you’re looking to grow one, video can help. With the right strategy and creative assets, your videos will have the foundation to forge ahead and become efficient and effective pieces of your content or communication strategies. 


Strategy and Intent
Without either of these, your videos will likely fall flat from their goals. These will be the building blocks for any video success.

Brand Affinity
Looking to make a series of videos to compliment your company culture or sub-brands? Creating a video series may be the right option to help fuel your content strategy. 

Editing n’ more
With additional elements like creative assets, custom intros and outros, and music selection, your videos will not only continue to compliment your brand, but also become increasingly engaging.

Taking it to
the Next Level

Video analytics

At Nextiny, we believe in being data driven in all of our decisions, and video is no exception! We’ll help you take your newly curated videos to the next level with additional resources and give you the full scoop on how we promote, analyze and optimize for video success. 


Building engagement
Depending on each video’s goals, adding more elements like stock footage or in-house b-roll can go a long way in helping enhance the message of the video. 

Don’t set it and forget it. It’s vital to promote your video wherever applicable to help build its reach. This includes web pages, blogs, or email campaigns. You can also create short-form versions of your videos to help build exposure on social media platforms.

Analyze & Optimize
With the right software, you can keep tabs of your video analytics to make informed decisions for any changes that could help the video’s engagement or location.


Some of our Favorite Video Resources

Our tech stack (the software we use) may not be your tech stack and that's okay! Let's explore your current processes and challenges to find ways to develop the best remote work platform for your business. For a full list of the software we use to run our video series check out this article.

Wistia - Video Software

Soapbox by Wistia - At-Home Video Studio

BigStock - Stock Photography

Invideo - simple video editing tool

Artlist - Music Inventory

QuickTime for creating personalized video content

Zoom to connect remotely with customers and prospects

Adobe Creative Cloud -  Video and Graphic Design

Ready to explore your options?

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Coffee Talks is our video series where we share our knowledge on marketing, sales, business, brand affinity, and everything in between. 


Times are changing and we want to help you embrace technology and remote video solutions to run your business with VIDEO. Check out NEXTudio!