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We use the top marketing and sales software in the industry and continue to evolve our processes and methodologies to measure and generate more success over time. 

We find the best software out there, so you don’t have to.

The HubSpot Platform is growing (1000 apps and counting), and we are constantly testing new software. This page highlights some of the best tools that we use on a regular basis for ourselves and for our customers. 


AI-Powered Marketing & Sales Tools

AI  HubSpot AI

HubSpot AI automates marketing and sales tasks, predicts customer behavior, and optimizes campaigns, ensuring greater efficiency for teams.


ChatGPT help us automate content creation, brainstorm innovative ideas, and research SEO trends, boosting productivity and sparking creativity for our teams.

SeventhSense  Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense help us  optimize email send times, enhancing open rates & engagement, streamlining our email campaigns for maximum impact.

Avoma  Avoma

Avoma harnesses AI for transcribing Zoom meetings, auto-generating notes, and seamlessly updating HubSpot CRM records through its integration.


Jasper’s use of AI aids in research and suggests content directions, making it easier for us to produce relevant and engaging content across various topics and industries. 

Callraillogo  CallRail

CallRail's Conversation Intelligence® uses AI to distill calls into actionable insights, aiding marketers and sales teams in refining growth strategies.


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HubSpot Marketing and Sales Software
Platinum Partners


HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software that gives us the power to create, track, and optimize all of our marketing and sales processes. The HubSpot software covers a broad scope of marketing applications; website design and management, an intuitive CRM system with in-depth segmentation and targeting ability, an email marketing and automation platform, social media promotion tools, and much more. Where there are gaps in HubSpot's software capabilities, they've adjusted by facilitating a software ecosystem that allows users to integrate all of the crucial tools needed for agencies like ours to create success for our clients. Learn more about the HubSpot Platform.

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Wistia allows us to track performance and actions on our customers’ videos, helping optimize for higher engagement and conversions. The Wistia + Hubspot integration helps us understand the impact of video on our inbound efforts, showing us the influence that video has on our customers’ buyer’s journey. As an agency, we are always looking for ways to analyze our complete marketing efforts, and HubSpot’s Platform, with integrations like Wistia, helps give us that complete picture. Video is a part of every new retainer and an integral part of Nextiny’s overall marketing strategy. Learn more about the HubSpot-Wistia integration.

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Chris Savage, CEO and Co-Founder: Remote Video Solutions and Insights
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Platinum Partners

Seventh Sense

With Seventh Sense, we can send email campaigns at the optimal time for each lead, at a time when they are most ready to engage. We can also utilize this data to give sales teams better insight on their prospects' buying behavior, contacting SQLs at a time when they are most ready for it. The best part is that sales teams can access the data right inside of the HubSpot CRM. This integration allows us to create more success for our customers, increasing conversion rates and ROI on email campaigns. Learn more about the HubSpot-Seventh Sense integration.

Review our podcast episodes with Seventh Sense's Martech Masters:
Mike Donnelly, CEO: Optimizing Your Email Communications and Strategy.

Premier Partner


Through Databox, we have been able to create custom reports for our customers to showcase the value of HubSpot and many other software integrations, like Wistia, Seventh Sense, and Drift. In these reports we can connect the dots between several HubSpot accounts and other software platforms. Thanks to these custom reports, we’ve been able to improve communication between marketing and sales. This focuses the conversation on data-driven results, which helps teams work together towards a common goal. Learn more about the HubSpot/Databox integration.

Review our podcast episodes with Databox's Martech Masters:
Pete Caputa, CEO: Using Data to Make Marketing and Sales Decisions.



Insycle is a software that allows us to manipulate, import and clean HubSpot CRM data in a safe and efficient way. Insycle connects to your HubSpot database and allows you to make bulk changes, standardize formats, merge repeats, import data and make bulk updates among other functionalities. This helps us and our clients maintain a clean database for better segmentation and reporting.

Agency Partner


CallRail tracks lead generation efforts that originate from calls, rather than from digital conversions like form submissions on the website. This integration allows our agency to showcase leads generated by all efforts and accurately track the original source of each lead even when they did not fill out a form. This gives us insights into how our campaigns are working with more accurate data, helping us prove the success of our inbound efforts. Learn more about the HubSpot/CallRail integration.


Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a site heatmap software that provides us with website user experience data with an overview of site performance from all traffic, as well as the individual profile of a site visitor’s experience. This data drives our decisions with website redesigns, developing conversion opportunities, and the adjustment of current campaign experiences.

Review our podcast episodes with Lucky Orange's Martech Masters:
Danny Wajcman, COO and Co-Founder: How to Optimize you Website (CRO)


Moz / Moz Local

Moz is an SEO software that offers a range of optimization capabilities. Through Moz's software we can audit and adjust on-site SEO issues, evaluate client search performance, run a competitive analysis, research keyword opportunities, and monitor technical site issues. Moz Local is an amazing tool that monitors and implements location citations on acclaimed sites, helping create consistency across the web and boosting local rankings.



BrightLocal is a local SEO tool that helps us create, monitor, and grow our local directory listings across the internet. This helps us create consistency for every local business we manage, as well as the individual locations associated with the one business. We also use BrightLocal to empower our client’s to own their reputation management process by tracking customer feedback per location and brand.



Panda Doc is a HubSpot integrated software that replaces the old process of managing sales proposals, contracts, and quotes, as well as eSignatures for generic documents and HR. This software allows for easier personalization and edits, all while simplifying the management and storage process in an easy-to-use, safe, and time-efficient manner.

Review our podcast episodes with PandaDoc's Martech Masters:
Mikita Mikado, CEO: Removing Friction in your Sales Process with Online Contracts



Sakari is a business text messaging service that integrates with Hubspot to send SMS reminders, alerts, confirmations, sales and marketing campaigns.

Review our podcast episodes with Sakari's Martech Masters:
Adam Horsman, Co-founder, Creative Ways to use Text Messages for Marketing and Sales



Postal is an Experience Marketing solution that manages all of your offline marketing needs. Postal integrates with HubSpot to automate the creation, delivery and sending of personalized gifts and direct mail to enhance communication with prospects and clients.

Review our podcast episodes with Postal's Martech Masters:
Ben Jablow, VP of Alliances, How to use Gifts & Direct Mail for Marketing & Sales Engagement



Zoom allows us to connect with our customers, partners, and team members through video calling, phone calling, and virtual events. We run all virtual events through zoom webinars.



Avoma is an excellent tool that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to transcribe your Zoom meeting recordings, creating automatic notes from the meeting, and updating the correct contact record through the Avoma-HubSpot integration into the Hubspot CRM.



Verblio is a platform for companies and agencies looking to outsource their ongoing written content and build a curated team of writers that matches the expertise, tone, and messaging they intend for their brand.

Whether you're creating a long form content offer, website page content, blog articles, newsletters, or press releases, Verblio has writers ready to work with you.

Jasper advanced AI technology simplifies the writing process, boosts creativity and content quality, and helps generate engaging, relevant content more efficiently, enhancing productivity and the overall writing experience.

Whether you're writing blog articles, emails, website page content,'s brand voice tool and style guide, allowing you to ensure your content aligns with your desired writing style, brand voice, and industry expertise.

Read our software partner testimonials

"Gabriel and the Nextiny team have embraced the HubSpot platform ecosystem in a remarkable way. Not only have they mastered a variety of apps that provide ancillary value when integrated with HubSpot-- they've also built a whole suite of value-added services around this connected software to provide even more growth opportunities for their clients."
Alec Biedrzycki Marketing Manager, Integration Platform HubSpot
"Nextiny consistently sets the bar high, particularly with their innovative video-first approach to marketing and sales. They aren't afraid to take risks and experiment, which has led to impressive growth for both their agency and their clients. And they always take care to integrate the technology they use with their creative work, in order to provide a full-service solution. Nextiny has consistently been one of our best agency partners: always motivated, always enthusiastic, and always moving faster than the speed of light!"
Dee Dee de Kenessey Business Development, Wistia
"There are very few agencies who scout out new technology proactively, figure out how it can help their clients, then roll it out effectively to a large percentage of them. Amongst the 100s of agencies I personally have gotten to know over the last decade, Nextiny is one of the very best at this."
Peter Caputa IV CEO, Databox
"If you’re a technology company looking for ways to grow and improve I’d highly recommend partnering with Nextiny. Gabriel and the team seek innovative solutions to help their clients get better results faster and throughout our partnership, they’ve helped us improve the product with invaluable feedback and new ideas. We’re very excited to partner with such an enthusiastic team and look forward to continuing building on this strong relationship."
Yonatan Lee Founder and CEO, Insycle
"Nextiny is a rare breed in the agency community. They're always at the forefront of exploring new and innovative ways to deliver better results for their clients and one way they do this is through technology. At Seventh Sense, we partner with dozens of marketing agencies and Nextiny always rises to the top for not only their ability to grasp new and different use cases of our system but more so in their ability to execute. They also stand out as a partner by providing consistent feedback on new product ideas; many of which have been implemented. Simply put, we highly recommend them!"
Mike Donnelly CEO & Co-Founder, Seventh Sense

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