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A Successful Growth Partnership with Nextiny

Partnership is key. Nextiny is an agency dedicated to partnering with our clients. We work with your business as an extension of your team. Each Nextiny team member will contribute to your strategy in unique ways to make the most out of our partnership. Involvement and commitment from your entire business is crucial to success! If there are no common goals between all departments from executives to marketing to sales, the partnership will never work. In order to generate success with our partners, we need to work with everyone, not just your marketing team.

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1. Understanding Your Business & Goals

Not every company is a good fit for our services. First and foremost, it is important for us to be conscious of how we can make an impact on your business and ultimately, achieve success. We need to understand the background of your business and what your goals are moving forward to see if we are able to help you generate further success.

5. Run Campaigns

We have analyzed your goals, optimized your website, and created valuable content. Now it is time to promote that content and increase conversions around it! As your list of contacts continues to grow, we need to nurture those leads by sending them content that is helpful and relevant to them during their decision making process.

2. Launch Partnership

Once we establish that the partnership is a good fit for both sides (you want to work with us, we want to work with you), it is time to kickoff our partnership! Each partnership starts with an audit. What materials do you currently have, what do we need to create, where can we make the first impact?

6. Analyze Results

How can we tell the success of a campaign? By analyzing the proper metrics and the results. We are data-driven marketers and we teach our clients to adopt a data-driven mindset. All success is measured based on how our efforts have made an impact on your business goals.

3. Develop Strategy

The initial phases of the strategy are based on two important things: your goals and quick wins. We analyze what you already have so we can figure out what we can do right away to start creating efforts that align with your business goals. Once we have achieved some of those quick wins, we will work together to discover  what other optimizations we can make so that you can continue seeing results over time.

7. Refine Processes

Taking a data-driven approach is helpful in the optimization of campaigns and strategy. When we have data to refer to, we can better understand the success of a campaign. From there, we can make strategic changes based on this data to increase results moving forward.

4. Create Content

Everyone knows that the foundation of a successful inbound strategy is engaging content, right? Even with this in mind, content is often the biggest challenge for businesses and therefore is something that they are not creating enough of. To simplify the process, we jumpstart the content process by starting with video.

8. Repeat

So now what? As our partnership grows and we start to see the first signs of success, we keep moving forward. We continue to generate content, run more campaigns to nurture your current leads, and most importantly, generate new leads for your business.

Who is Nextiny's ideal customer?

Forming strategic partnerships means we are just as careful in choosing new clients as they are in choosing us as their agency!


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